Monday, June 4, 2012


So I exercise consistently and regularly for a couple weeks, then have a crazier scheduled week than usual and do nothing for seven days.

Then have a doc's appointment and ask her about losing weight.

"Do you exercise?"

Um, yes.

"Then the weight isn't important. The exercising is what's important."

Darn it. Caught.


TJ two days ago, 30DS tonight.

Have to live up to my word!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

30 DS - second workout, third day


I was sore yesterday and today, not debilitated but I definitely noticed when I needed to sit down or get up and stairs were very noticeable indeed. And my pectorals were sore, which has never really happened before (then again, the push ups I did were better than any I'd ever done before, go me).

Yesterday I 'exercised' by walking to the BBQ pig out I attended.

Today, despite being very, very weary, I did 30DS again - and now, having completed it, I'm not sore anymore.

At all.

I hate it when my husband is right... :)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

30 day twinkie

Last week did TurboJam on Thursday night, and now today did Level 1 of 30 Day Shred.

Either my technique has improved or I was doing something wrong, because it wasn't as hard as I remember it being when I tried it before.

But I cannot do jumping jacks or even (all of) jump rope. It's not the cardio aspect of it - I can work that hard - it's my arches of my feet. I refuse to cripple myself by doing that kind of impact with that kind of motion; I know from days at the gym that I can give myself horrible plantar fascia (sp.?) that way that will take weeks to heal (pun intended).

My husband the jogger maintains pain should be run through until it vanishes under the sheer force of will in your endorphins, or something like that. But, he's wrong. So I won't do it.

I actually did a TurboJam workout in my Crocs the other day, so I wouldn't be tempted to do any kind of foot-off-the-ground impact, since I was feeling it from the last time.

And yes, I have spent oodles of money on expensive orthotics. I'm wearing them now. They keep everyday life and some level of impact from hurting, but they won't cure me.

Does this mean I'll never be shredded? Darn. There goes my modeling career.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Turbo Jam again

42 minute cardio party. My face is gritty with salt, and when we got to the end and she said "you did it!" I actually almost cried. (okay, not a big deal, I cry at anything, but...) For me, this IS a big deal, because my problem is often pacing myself. When I was at the gym, I'd do the 30 minute circuit workouts, totally get into it and have way crazy the-instructors-always-commented-on-it nutso energy for the first 5, 10 minutes.. and then the rest would be flagging, dying, feel the blood in the back of my throat over-extended ohmigosh. So for me to have not stopped in this whole workout, kept up the whole time (even if not as intensely as the DVD), done every move even without fully extending arms, etc... that's big. And I'm proud of me. And I'm KAPUT. :) But happy kaput.

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Ooh, almost a year since I used this blog. Ouch.

I want to buy DDPYoga, but I don't have $100 bucks to spend on it.


Wednesday: 15 minutes of yoga from this video
Thursday: 15 of the same, this time with Sroch trying to do it with me :)
Sunday: TurboJam 20 Minute Workout + TurboJam AbJam


What's great is, I asked for my husband's help with this project to actually exercise. A major hurdle has been having too many people around, whether it's trying not to wake up the kids in the morning or people being in and out of the house in the evening. So my husband helped me reclaim our guest room so I can work out in there (well, here. I'm sitting here typing this from the floor having finished my stretches). This is the sheltered room, so the kids can't hear even if I blare the music from the DVDs, I have the fan on me directly, and if (wow!) my husband happens to be home of an evening, I can close the door and he won't see my rather feeble attempts at push ups or the like.


I'm hopeful I can get somewhere.

In terms of what I eat... it is tempting to jump on the bandwagon of one of the many extreme dietary intake methods. Currently what appeals to me are...
-The HCG diet. Many first hand accounts from friends of its success. But no one has tested what that diet will do to fertility, so I won't play.
- Gluten free / dairy free - or just no white wheat or white sugar. This is getting more practical, but absolutes (i.e. 0% of any food) are impractical with small children and a budget. Healthy food costs more. We already eat almost all whole grains and much less sugar than most people do, thanks to Y's old South Beach days.
- South Beach. Meh, doesn't appeal to me.
...and speaking of unappealing, daughter just woke up and puked. BYE.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

33. Old.

Here's the thing.

It's not about how I look. I'm okay with who I am.

It's not about how I feel. Thank God, I feel great.

But I'm 33. I'm old. No, seriously, health-wise, unless I do something about it, I will deteriorate.

So now that's my motivation. Not appearance. Not comfort. But longevity.

My BMI at my wedding was 28.3. Nice, healthy, but not skinny.
My BMI now is 32.4. Nice, healthy, and much more at risk for all kinds of stuff.

(BTW - interesting that according to age charts and such, I'm at the same 75th percentile, meaning at age 21 and age 33, same %. Interesting.)

Off to exercise.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

In the last thirty minutes...

I cranked up the mp3 player on my 'housework boogie' playlist, and I...

-washed a sink of dishes
-cleared much of the counters
-put away dinner things
-swept and washed (well, lightly washed) the kitchen and living room

(all while dancing in a way that would cause me to die of shame if I was seen BUT is very calorie burning)

(and may or may not have included air guitar and air microphone with the broom handle)

-did dozens of straight crunches, forward crunches, reverse crunches and side crunches
-did a few leg lifts and calf raises
-did three yoga positions

Go me!

Of course, if only I had done this not from 1 to 1:30 AM...

Off to shower!